Episode #30 – Know Your Role

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Steve takes Dan and Ryan through a conversation about the recent controversy surrounding Scarlett Johansson giving up a role as a trans person. Other controversial casting choices are also discussed. Is there a difference between playing a role and playing an identity?

Extra reading from The Washington Post

This episode’s #PodPint: SPARK HOUSE RED ALE, Lake of Bays



  1. Enjoyed the discussion gents. Nice to hear lots of specific references to other movies and other controversial roles. Personally, I believe that the essence of acting is pretending to be someone you are not. That said, I’ve never liked A-List actors using their pull at the box office to snag roles for which they are ill-suited: Leonardo DiCaprio as Howard Hughes or J. Edgar Hoover, for example. Are transgender people really happy that this movie is now not going to be made?


    • Thanks for the feedback, those are interesting examples! It will definitely be too bad if the movie is not made and the story not told.


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