Episode #47 – From Game Cartridges to Downloads

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Dan and Ryan talk all things video games, from their first experiences with system-based gaming to how much video games are a part of their adult lives.

This episode’s #PodPint: 8 Track XPA by Sons of Kent Brewing

8 Track XPA_Sons of Kent Brewing



  1. One of the best episodes, would love to hear one of all 3 guys review the same game. Once Frake (or maybe it was Dan) gets a modern console…


    • That was Frake … and now he has more impetus to splurge on a new system! Great idea though. What game would you suggest?


      • Going off the love of NHL Hitz ’03. Maybe even a tourney between the guys with some commentary would be a great listen.

        Or, get some 3 player Madden going and have all the guys on the same team against the AI.

        I guess this makes it less of a ‘review’ and more of just guys just playing some video games, but still…


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