Season 2, Episode 8 – Video Game Movies

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After forgetting his NES/SNES system at home, Dan calls an audible and leads a conversation with Steve and Ryan about their favourite video games turned movies and vice versa. From a missed mark attempt at Super Mario to a solid franchise like Resident Evil, what does it take to make a good video game into a good movie, and what are the risks?

This episode’s #PodPints: Session Seven IPA by Side Launch Brewing Company & Craft Cranberry Apple Cider by Thornbury Village Cider House

1 Comment

  1. Huuuuuge tease boys! But still a great episode.

    Going off your mention of a Halo movie, you should check out Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn. It used to be on the Netflix, not sure if it still is. Originally released in episodes it comes together as a pretty decent movie.


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