Season 2, Episode 21 – The Bar89 Sports Hour

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Ryan leads 2019’s first episode of the Bar89 Sports Hour diving into the Raptors at the halfway mark, the enigma that is Kyle Lowry, the NFL playoffs, the pressures of being a kicker, and the un-yielding pressure that faces our players at the World Junior tournament.

Also be sure to support Kyle Lowry and Kawhi Leonard’s push for All Star recognition by voting for them here.

This episode’s #PodPint: Waupoos Premium Cider by The County Cider CompanyBrewing


  1. Love Lowrys talent not his character.. Go Nick Foles and the Eagles…..takes big guts to be a kicker at the elite level….Canada no longer leads the world in producing the best hockey players, difficult to accept but true. Expectations must ease….kids compete their hearts out!


    • Agreed, especially about Canada no longer having a monopoly on the best hockey talent. We for sure need to accept this fact and, quite frankly, should take pride in the fact since we have done so much for the growth of the sport around the world! Thanks for the comment Gary!!!


  2. only podcast I want is on the authors



    • Hi Karen. Really appreciate the feedback, thank you for your comment!! We’re currently finalizing some more interviews with authors coming up soon so please stay tuned. On the topic, any authors you’d like to hear from in particular? Thanks again!


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