Season 2, Episode 37 – Our World of Plastic

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How much plastic waste do we create as individuals? How hard is it to remove plastic from our everyday lives? These 2 questions Ryan and the lads try to get to the bottom of in this episode, with a Part 2 coming in season 3. We all know that there is too much plastic in our environment, and recycling programs
can be confusing and vary widely from region to region, which can make things confusing, but when faced with changing our own behaviour we often have excuses as to why we can’t. With this in mind, and the Ontario PC government’s current single use plastics ban proposal, Ryan touches on a 60 day data finding mission he and Gin have begun in an effort to see where the reality lies, and to see what kind of difference 2 average people can make.

This episode’s #PodPint: IPA NO.9 by Collective Arts

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