Episode #34 – Discussing “Quantum Night” and sci-fi in Canada with Robert J. Sawyer

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In the latest installment of the Bar 89 book club, Dan, Steve and Ryan are joined by Hugo and Nebula Award-winning author (and Canadian sci-fi icon) Robert J. Sawyer to discuss his latest novel “Quantum Night“.

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Episode #25 – Are Neymar’s Acting Antics Good for Soccer?

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Ryan leads Dan and Steven through a conversation about why soccer, or Football as the rest of the World calls it, struggles in popularity in Canada, and how blatant embellishment takes the focus away from the sport like #neymarchallenge.

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Episode #10 – Around the Horn with Gary Jeffries

With MLB in full swing and the Kitchener Panthers’ 100th season in the Intercounty Baseball League underway, the team’s former Field Manager (and Burlington Sports Hall of Famer) Gary Jeffries joins Dan, Steve and Ryan to reminisce about some of his favourite memories as the bench boss playing in the Detroit Tigers’ minor league system, plus some chatter about the Toronto Blue Jays.

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