The Hosts

FrakeBWcircle_150pxSteven Frake
If there’s a movie quote to be used (appropriate or otherwise), I’ll find a way to use it.

I’ve watched more Seinfeld than is healthy, I’m a Lord of the Rings nerd, and occasionally I like to reminisce about the sports I played shittily.

Thankfully, Dan and Ryan put up with my antics and we actually find a way to complement one another. We never compliment each other though because they’re both assholes.


Ryan headshot circle 150pxRyan Carmichael
Leader. Intellectual. Politically Correct. Profound. All words that have never been used in the same sentence as my name.

I spent the vast majority of my 20’s avoiding responsibility at all cost by travelling to 36 countries, and am just now learning what it means to be an actual grown-up.

I love sports, movies, comedy and the Thundercats, and I really enjoy trying to punch above my weight in topics from physics to politics, mostly unsuccessfully.

I’d thank Dan and Steve for putting up with my constant inane drivel, but that would imply that I have respect for them, which to be clear, I do not. They’re the worst.


Dan profile circle 150px
Dan Polischuk
Beginning as co-workers and teammates, evolving to friends and growing to groomsmen, it’s all come down to this. The “final”(?) evolution of my association with these two lads. Evidently, that’s as co-podcast hosts.

We’ve amused ourselves for years and our respective spouses find us entertaining (I think?), so why not bring a few more listeners into the fold?

From sports talk (with a Canadian flavour), current events and every other randomness, I’m the “Cliff Clavin” of the trio usually dropping facts or stories. But hey, that’s the journalist in me.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m the youngest of the group it’s my turn to pick up the next round …